It was a full day of competition courtesy of Jamie Knox Watersports as Jamie himself ran the day. Firstly a freestyle contest at Scragane Bay and then a Wave/Jumping Expression session at Trench Bridge.

The conditions were not classic for these parts of the world; cross onshore, choppy with jumping ramps all over the place! But the sailors duly got out there and certainly with the wind going from 4m weather to 5.3m weather all afternoon long, it was a good test to when the ‘proper’ contest starts tomorrow in what we are all hoping will be down-the-line conditions in Brandon Bay or Inch.

So onto the TOP 3 results:

Freestyle Youths 1. Aleksy Gayda 2. Sam Darkin 3. Tom Knox

Wave/Jump Youths 1. Sam Darkin 2. Aleksy Gayda 3. Tom Knox

Freestyle Amateur 1. Chris Cunningham 2. Chris Cartin

Wave/Jump Amateur 1. Louise Emery 2. Nigel Treacy Joint 3rd: Cunningham & Cartin

Freestyle Pros 1. Oisin Van Gelderen 2. Andy King 3. Rich Potter

Wave/Jump Pros

1. Andy King 2. Oisin Van Gelderen 3. Mark Bell

PHOTOS: Only of the freestyle contest this morning. From the top we have Rich Potter, Chris Wilcox, John Hibbard and Oisin Van Gelderen.

Photo Credit: Jamie Knox Watersports