The forecast has now declared this event over! Prize giving is tonight at Spillanes Pub. Both days of competition; the bump n jump at Sandy Bay and the wave riding at Garry William are counted and therefore the results are as follows:


1. Andy King (Goya) 2. Steve Thorpe (Tabou/Gaastra) 3. Mark Bell Joint 4th Rich Potter Joint 4th Dan Gardner 6. Adam Cropper (Tushingham/Starboard) 7. Morgan McGuire Joint 9th John Hibbard (Tushingham/Starboard) Joint 9th Oisin Van Gelderen (JP/Neil Pryde) 11. Steve Jarvis Joint 13th Scott McDowell (Quatro) Joint 13th Mathias Genkel


1. Louise Emery Joint 2nd Nigel Treacy & Chris Cartin 4. Chris Cunnigham Joint 5th Chris Wilcox & Gerry Wilcox

Ladies 1. Louise Emery 2. Katie McAnea


1. Tom Knox 2. Sam Darkin 3. Lecky Gayda

PHOTO: From left to right, Nick Moffat, Steve King, Andy King, Louise Emery and Megan wait for wind.

Photo Credit: Nuova Cartella