I always thought about this, how easy it would be for a star to sponsor some athletes. Well, here is a good example. Legendary American singer Jimmy Buffett has just recruited French sailor Antoine Quentel to be the ambassador of his new restaurant in Dubai, which will open soon. Buffett has already 7 restaurants in Universal Studios (Orlando), Key West (Florida), Las Vegas (Nevada), New Orleans (Louisiana), Myrtle Beach (South Carolina), Cancun (Mexico) and Jamaica. He discovered the island of St Barthelemy in 1976, and now he has decided to support one of the local windsurfing heroes.

Not bad eh? So here is a message to all the stars, if you don’t really know where to put your money… come on! Make some sailors life a bit easier like Buffet with Quentel!

Info and pics: www.centrehautniveaufunboard.com

Photo Credit: centrehautniveaufunboard.com