AHD are pleased to announce exciting changes in their brand management and distribution.

Christophe PIAGET, Managing Director of AHD Production and TERMINATECH, has entered into a long term agreement with French company TRIDENN, led by Thierry PEN, whereby TRIDENN is to manage both the AHD brand and the worldwide distribution of its products.

This agreement will be effective May 1st 2008. TRIDENN will maintain the existing network of AHD importers and organise distribution to the French dealers from the head-office.

Production of all AHD boards will remain in the TERMINATECH factory, under its current skilled management.

The 2008 season will go on with the existing range of products and current market strategy; however a number of new boards will be introduced for 2009, when advanced new marketing developments will be implemented.

For more information on the existing AHD line check out their website at www.a-h-d.com where you can see all the products and download the brochure.

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