Extreme Zone have just signed up as one of our boardseeker reatilers for another year. They have loads more kit then before so check out our search pages for their fantastic new deals.

Extreme Zone can be found just minutes from the beautiful beach Troon on the west coast of Scotland where kitesurfing conditions are superb on a regular basis! With the expanse of sand it makes it one of the better beaches to learn to Kitesurf on in the whole of the UK!

If you are keen to do a kitesurfing trip then you must visit Extreme Zone to find out about the secret gems that you just have to kite while you are there!

If kitesurfing lessons are what you would like or advise on kitesurfing equipment is what you need then give them a shout on shop@extreme-zone.co.uk or alternatively call them on 01292 676010.

Photo Credit: Extreme Zone