Here are just some of the things you can do to support National Windsurfing Week.

* Go windsurfing as much as possible during the week! * Go to one of the events * Tell people you windsurf * Teach a friend to windsurf during the week * Host a themed windsurf party during the week * Talk to your local radio about windsurfing * Try entering a windsurfing competition * Talk to your local windsurfing school and ask them to get involved * Book a windsurfing taster session or a course * Talk to your local paper about windsurfing * Buy something from the shop * Produce a National Windsurfing Week poster or flyer * Produce a windsurfing video and post it on YouTube * Become a windsurfing instructor * Take a group of work colleagues for a windsurf lesson * If you’re aged 15 or less, why not join Team15? * Speak to your local windsurf shop(s) and ask them look at our webpage and register their interest * Buy a National Windsurfing Week sticker and put it on your car, van or even your sail * Promote National Windsurfing Week at your local beach * Wear your T-shirt/hoodie at every opportunity * Give someone a try windsurfing voucher as a gift(and persuade them that early May is a good time to use it!) * Put your windsurf board on your roof and leave it there for the whole week * Organise an event at your local beach * Make sure you let us know what you’re doing!

Got a better idea? Contact the National Windsurfing Week Team.

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