Jem has just got back from an excellent week out in El Tur, Egypt at the new Oceansource El Tur centre out there. On one of the rare light wind days Jem got the chance to check out the new 7.5 Zephyr longboard sail from Ezzy. Whilst out on his travels Jem had some company in the shape of some Dolphins who were a bit dazzled by the glare off his head but still had some time to show off their stunts.

During the clinic the Egyptian hairdryer was in full flow and even stepped up with 2 days of 4.2 weather. The crew who ventured to the wave beach could not believe the quality and quantity of the waves. Due to the success of the clinic and the huge improvement of the centre and hotel Jem has already booked in 2 clinics for 2009 to El Tur, Egypt in March and April respectively.

If you want to catch Jem for one of his performance boost clinics this year then you better be quick as all Rhodes clinics are sold out and he only has limited space in Ireland, Mauritius and Jeri, Brazil. All of us here at Boardseeker have benefitted from some form of Jem coaching and can definitely confirm that you will improve more in one week with him than you would in an entire season working it out for yourself.

Check out for more details and get on the fast track to success.

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