With National Windsurfing Week in full flow its time to get snapping. Thanks to Surfsales there are some great Dakine Sequences Photo Packs prizes up for grabs for the best photo of the week.

Judged by the legendary Dave White the photos will be judged in the following 2 categories.

1. Spirit of National Windsurfing Week.

This can be anything that captures what the judges feel windsurfing is all about. It could be a crowd gathered at an event or your child having fun on the water. Use your imagination and come up with something special.

2. Best Windsurfing Photograph.

Try and be creative and really show us what windsurfing is all about. From a crowded race with loads of people out on the water to one of the freestyling kids it is up to you.

So summit your best efforts (no more than 5) to photo@nationalwindsurfingweek.org no later than the 2nd June. Obviously include your contact details so they know where to send all your prizes.

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