The National Windsurfing Week is ending, and even though there wasn’t much wind, it was perfect for those getting into the sport and a lot of people got really motivated and involved in different activities. We heard rumours of hundreds of people turning up to windsurfing lessons at Brogborough Lake and to other windsurfing clubs around the UK. So to thank all those people, the National Windsurfing Week has some prizes to give to those who got involved the most.

-A brand new Tushingham Sail goes to an instructor who tells us how many people they taught to sail during the week -A brand new Turfdog Board goes to the person we think really helped out/entered the spirit of the week. -A Sunsail windsurfing holiday for two goes to anyone who goes windsurfing during the week and registers on our site. -There is also a discount for Sunsail holidays listed on the entry page. Log onto our site for more details -Two DaKine Camera Bags (courtesy of Surf Sales) go out what we judge are the most deserving photos taken of windsurfing during National Windsurfing Week -There are also DVD\'s from Jem Hall, Guy Cribb and Peter Hart to win, but you have to register on their website and tell them what have you been up to in this windsurfing week, and they will judge who deserve them the most.

So don\'t wait any longer! Log onto their website to see how everyone has done this week and maybe get some presents!!!!

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