Last weekend the Canarian Wave Rider Tour arrived to Fuerteventura. After the great conditions they had in the first stop in Pozo, they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the spot of El Burro working pretty damn well! Waves and wind were ready to let the competition start.

With very different conditions from Pozo, El Burro is a spot more for riding with nice side shore wind. Adopted locals from the island like Stephan Etienne (Gun-Exocet), Bouke Becker (Ezzy-Witch Craft), Tomás Barriero (Goya) (from Lanzarote) and Will Ward (Ezzy Witch Craft) were going to put up a good fight against the on-shore riders from Gran Canaria and Tenerife like Darío Ojeda (Gaastra-Quatro) or Orjan Jensen(North Sails-Proof).

The conditions were pretty good the whole weekend, and they could run even the double elimination. In the end, Orjan Jensen took the victory also here in Fuerteventura (he also won the Pozo event), so he is leading this Canarian Tour. Sencond in El Burro was Stephan Etienne and Bouke Becker was third.

Next stop: June, 18 , 19, 20th, Lanzarote.

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