After the great results and feedback from last year, there was no doubt that a second edition of the Young Gun Camp in Prasonisi would take place this year.

The Camp will take place from the 3rd - 10th of August. In the amazing location of Prasonisi, training ground for many freestyle pros, Kauli and Andy Chambers will join the Camp to share their experience with the participants.

The kids will be taken care of 24 hours a day, and will have lessons and training everyday. Plus at the Pro Center Christof Kirschner the youngsters under 18 will have a special deal with 30% off in gear rental.

A video crew and a professional photographer, as well as an editor from the biggest German magazine, will be there too.

Daily videos diaries will be uploaded and you can check them online at Boardseeker.

There are still a few places left on the camp. Waterstarting in both directions and planing in the footstraps are the only requirements, so get booked now!!

For further information, download the event-guide and watch last year’s video, visit:

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