Expectations were high. There in Vass conditions are perfect for Freestyle and this is, for many freestylers, their training ground.

And the first day full-filled all these expectations. With 37 entrants, they had to run a few qualification heats.

Apart from a few heats at the beginning that had to be rerun because some changes in the wind, the rest of the morning saw the whole single elimination run smooth to the end.

Some amazing tricks were pulled in front of the crowds and some intense heats made the sailors fight hard. Like Antxón Otaegui, winning against Kevin Mevissen. They both fought teeth and nail but the Spaniard got the victory, making it all the way to the final. There he faced an on form Nikolas Akgaczyan, who didn’ want to miss the opportunity of having his first win this season.

This season is been specially exciting with some new-comers that are making nervous the rest of the experienced fleet, like Steven Van Broeckhoven.

Results after the first single elimination:

1. Nikolas Akgaczyan 2. Antxon Otaegui 3. Normen Günzlein 4. Andre Paskowski

Photo Credit: efpt.net