No wind in the last day of the contest meant that Nicolas Akgazcyan won his first event this season. He was looking on form, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t the last.

Even though they only had one windy day, the crew and sailors were super happy about the event, the location and obviously the parties, a very important part in pro´s life.

So the final result of the event stayed like this:

01 Akgazcyan Nicolas F 400 Starboard Gun Sails 03 Günzlein Normen G-186 JP Neil Pryde 04 Paskowski Andre G-2 Fanatic North Sails 05 Mevissen Kevin H 79 RRD RRD Sails 05 Popretinskiy Egor RUS-11 JP Neil Pryde 05 Sumereder Michael AUT-9 RRD North Sails 05 Van Broeckhoven Steven B72 F2 09 bubble chambers andy k-540 JP Neil Pryde 09 de Weerd Remko H-23 Tabou Gaastra 09 Kosmowski Jakub POL 288 Tabou Gaastra 09 Olandersson Andreas S-66 Fanatic Simmer Style 09 Promponas Stam Gre393 Fanatic North Sails 09 Scheuble Pete sui 969 JP Neil Pryde 09 souza de pedro edvan bra 250 09 Spadea Nicola I 44

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