Injuries are common place for many top pro sailors, but mostly they are from hard core moves gone wrong. Ben certainly pushes the limits on the water, but its when he is off the water that the damage is done.

We cant really do this story justice so here is what Ben had to say on his website

"Ha ha... you couldn\'t make this shit up!!! ....really!!

So after a few days with out wind, the wind came back over here in Tenerife. It was nothing super strong but enough to get going on my 5.3 crossover and 82 Allwave.
The waves were pretty small but i had a nice little sail...

So how did i do my lip? ...well... I get my kit, No problem... I rig up, No problem... I sail for a couple of hours, No problem... I come in, No problem... I de-rig, No problem...
I carry my kit back to the board storage........Big Problem!!!!

Now make sure your sitting down because you might fall over laughing!! ...So i have my sail, mast and boom all on top of my board and my mast extension clipped into the Mastfoot. I pick my board up with every thing on top of it and start walk the 50m to the storage.... then half way back i step on the rope from the extension.
I carry on walking but as i walk forwards the rope tightens and pulls the mast extension down... i then step off the rope and the extension, all 35cm of it comes flying towards me and cracks me right in the mouth!!!
Blood everywhere... Ha ha.. i tell you, you couldn\'t make it up... sooo stoooopid!!

So i felt a total tit!!! is quite a big cut as well.

I tried to get some stitches in ti but they said there would be no point as they wouldn\'t hold.... so probably going end up with a lip like Elvis!! Noooooooo!! ha ha"

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