With only one day suitable for competition, every mistake became crucial. In the end, the results from the tramontana day where definitive. With not enough wind to run more competition, Karin Jaggi and Antoine Albeau kept their first position.

This event will be remember as one with the most entrants and with the biggest ladies fleet ever. Also, it will be remember because of some shocking and surprising results. Like Ross Williams finishing 16th (he was one of the fastest during the training season and one of the favourites for many of the other sailors), Bjorn Dunkerbeck finishing in 8th, Robby Swift finishing in 23rd or Jimmy Diaz in 17th.

Big congratulations also for Iballa Ruano, who attended the event to support the girls fleet and ended up in second position on the podium.

Men: 1. Antoine Albeau (NeilPryde/Starboard) 2. Finian Maynard (NeilPryde/F2) 3. Micah Buzianis (NeilPryde/JP)

Women: 1. Karin Jaggi (North Sails/F2) 2. Iballa Ruano (North Sails) 3. Lee Korzitz (Gaastra/Fanatic)

For full event results, check here the official PWA site.

Photo Credit: PWA/J.Carter