The PWA (Professional WIndsurfers Association), have announced their provisional calender for 2006, it comes with more events due to their decision to drop the minimum prize money. This has been seen as a good move to have a more varied tour calender.

Wave Sailing There will be 5 events counting towards the title this year, starting off with the Hawaii Pro, and moving to Guincho, Pozo, Tenerife and finishing in Sylt. Once again the tour seems to be very European based, but the events in Tenerife and Guincho will be welcomed

Freestyle The Freestyle tour consists of 4 events, starting off in Podersurf in Austria, (interestingly combining with the European Freestyle Tour), before returning to Sotovento once again, then Lanzarote and Sylt. Sylt next year will be a major event with 3 disciplines.

Super X Some major changes here, and maybe not to everyones liking. The PWA are going to ensure that Super X can be run in lighter conditions to guarantee a competition. To do this they will change the manouvers to suit the conditions, for example including an upwind 360 and a back to sail 360. Competitors will have to prepare for this and will be expected to bring suffiecent kit. This will mean big boards and 8.0 metre sails....

Events are to be held at Costa Brave and Costa Teguise in Spain, Sylt and a last event proposed on the Black sea which could well be a first.

Slalom 42 The rules for slalom 42 will be further clarified, at the moment the kit restrictions are at an 80cm wide board and a 10.m sail (not that much bigger than Super X you might note) As the calender goes to date there are still only 2 events, but hopefully we will see more. These are Sotovento in July and Sylt at the end of September

There have also been a few changes to the Management board, Uk\'s John Skye remains there. Prize money for wave events is going to be limited to the top 16 only. This will make it harder for newer sailors, but will also ensure quality entrants and for an event to be run on less budget.

New Website The PWA are also planning a new website that will be more interactive with more video content and live updates at events, they also would like to make it have broader appeal. No mention is made of live video streaming, as on the ASP surfing site though...Maybe in time.

London Boatshow The London Boatshow kicks off the PWA calender and should start off an exciting year... As usual Boardseeker Magazine will be bringing you the low down from each event.

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