We reported a few weeks ago about L\'Hydroptere, a 30 metre long trimaran thats attempting to steal the world speed record back from Windsurfers.

Well after some initial testing they are now starting to push the boat towards its top speeds. Each step up in speed has to be done in a controlled manner and the last test session was to slowly test the boat in the 30-45 knot range. According to the engineers everything is working well and they even recorded a top speed of 46.8 kts.

What is interesting is that this speed was recorded in a steady 20-25kt wind rather than the gale that a windsurfer requires. We now wait to see if L\'Hydroptere can push the speed boundary even higher. Whilst 46.8 kts is getting close to the illusive 50kts, it was probably just a one off "top speed" reading, which would probably give an average a little bit lower.

Meanwhile in Australia the Macquarie is also chasing the 50 kt dream, recording a top speed of 46.48kts over 500 metres. The race is now on, and for the windsurfers it could be a long wait over the summer before they can get back on the canal and have another go.

Photo Credit: martin-raget.com