Last year Cribby organised one of the longest ever windsurf adventures. From Bournmouth pier to Brighton pier, all in one go. With an actual distance of nearly 100 miles, Cribby sailed nearly double that last year to from A to B, or rather B to B.

This year it is set to run on the first windy day after the 25th June and Cribby has just put a warning out that Thursday the 26th is actually looking quite good. Its a long way off at the moment but stay tuned for more information as we get nearer the time.

The event is designed for everyone to join in. There are multiple stops along the way so you can join in or stop off when and where you want. Last year only 3 people made it the whole way, but over 50 riders took part at some point.

Check more information and pay particular attention to the safety equipment section, there are some big boats in the Solent!

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