What do you do when it all goes wrong??? The Sports Injury team at www.sportsresource.org in North Wales have decided to sponsor top women’s sailor Ruth Elliott after she came to see after taking a beating at the Tiree event in October.

During the Tiree Triple Crown, the Super-X racing caused some serious crashes when the highly competitive women’s fleet went up against the men’s amateurs. In order to avoid been beaten by a woman, one of the men’s fleet (who shall remain nameless) bounced off the sausage and then slid down it before crashing into Ruth’s head. The compression injury meant that a few day’s later on return to Wales, the vertebrae in her neck swelled up, and her neck was locked in one position and she was unable to move (or more importantly sail). The Sports Resource team managed to sort the injury out using massage and bone manipulations to have her on the water again by the end of the week. The team has now offered to provide free treatment and sports injury advice in the future.

The website is also a great free resource with links to great sites when you need advice on treatment for your latest self-induced injury. Hypochondriacs and those looking for medical terms to baffle the boss when they want to pull a sickie will also find this site essential reading.

(with crazy moves like these, we can see Ruth being there quite a lot!)


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