Its that time of year when South Africa starts to kick-start into action, with big swells and the winds becomming more consistent.

Many of the UK\'s top pros go to South Africa to train over the winter. The lucky few to catch the action this week were Mathew Wemms (604 Distribution), Mark Warren (Mistral/North), Dan Ellis (Fanatic/Naish) and Alan Jackson (Fanatic/Maui Sails).

So far this week, they have had 2 great days in Capetown and another two epic days at Elandsbaii (E-Lands). E-Lands is a point break 2 hours North of Capetown and usually offers the biggest and cleanest waves in the area.

Mathew described the 2 days at E-Lands as "The best day I have ever had, over mast high and 8 to 12 bottoms turns!!"

The swell is forecast to be massive for the next few days so we will bring you more photos as they come!

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