Day 5 was action packed from the beginning, with rounds of freestyle, slalom and waves. However the biggest news of the day was Antoine NOT winning the slalom. Even better news is that it was Britain\'s own Ross Williams who took the bullet, moving him up to 3rd in the ranking.

But before any of the racers hit the water the women freestylers had to perform first. In an exact copy of the 1st round it finished with Junko in 4th, Laura in 3rd, Daida 2nd and Sara-Quita proving she is almost unstoppable in 1st place. She seems to be gaining in confidence with each heat and pulling harder moves with every round. There is the double to come, but she will for sure be hard to beat.

Next up was slalom, and the biggest upset came in semi-final 2, when Antoine\'s unstoppable run was finally over. A mistake at the first gybe put him in serious trouble, and having to push that extra bit to qualify he blew up on the second to last reach. Most uncharacteristic, but he regained form quickly to win the losers final.

The winners final was loaded with sailors desperate for a chance to get at least 1 win. Pete Volwater looked to have things under control as he lead coming into the 2nd to last gybe. Ross however had other ideas and put the pedal down, reeling in Pete and taking him on the last reach to become the only other sailor to win a race in Pozo. Pete had to settle for 2nd, whilst Angulo took 3rd.

The results after round 6 are:

1st Antione Albeau 2nd Kevin Pritchard 3rd Ross Williams 4th Bjorn Dunkerbeck 5th Peter Volwater

The decision then was to move to waves as lines pushed in on the upcoming tide. The early round of the double saw a few upsets. Pete lost out to KP, a battle normally reserved for at least the quarter finals. Ben Proffitt had a killer heat, with some of the biggest jumps of the day. Unfortunately though it wasn\'t enough as Marcos Perez just took the win with his local knowledge.

Day 6 promises good waves, but the racers are also keen to get a few more rounds under the belt. Stay tuned to find out what happens tomorrow.

Photo Credit: jc/pwa