Join the Windsurfing Marathon next Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th. Everything seems ready for the upcoming Exmouth Windsurfing Festival and Marathon, a fun event with a race from Exmouth to Torquay and back.

The event will raise money for the National Coastwatch Institution Exmouth & Exmouth Beach Rescue Club so, get sponsored and join the race. Any boards and sails are allowed, it cannot be easier to take part!.

There will also be a party on Saturday night and on Sunday they will do the trophies and prize giving. The prizes include a Tushingham Sail of your choice, a wetsuit to be won in the free tally draw (you have to be there to win), and many more.

Entries are strictly limited to 100 for safety reasons. Entry costs £25 adults.

For more info and the entry form, clic this link to the Waterfront Sport website.

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