Antxon Otaegui won the last EFPT event in Alicati, Turkey.

27 riders were there to fight hard for the title in the turquoise waters of Alicati. Nice winds during the competition made it possible to run a whole single and double elimination. Antxón won the single, followed by the German freestyler André Paskowski in second and Van Brockhofen in third.

The double elimination started straight after the big fight in the final betwen Antxon and Andre, and all the sailior had to put up their best show to make it up in the ranking. Nico Akgacziyan made it quite far together with the “Swedish pimp" Andre Olanderson and the Bonaire freestyler Choco Frans. But was the French who went all the way to face the top men.

On the last day, it didn’t look like then wind would pick up. Some sailors were already packing their gear when the wind came and the judges decided to start the competition and finish the double elimination.

Akgazcyan went out to try to steal the fourth place from Normen Günzlein, and he did. Next down under his knife was Van Brockhofen, and same luck had Paskowski. The French looked unstoppable and he won the first heat against the leader Otaegui. This meant the had to run another heat so Antxon could have also his double elimination chance. This time the Spanish had no mercy, and kept his title.

Result: 1. Antxon Otaegui (JP/NeilPryde) 2. Nicolas Akgazcyan (Gun Sails/Starboard) 3. Andre Paskowski (North Sails/Fanatic) 4. Steve Van Broeckhoven (F2) 5. Normen Günzlein (JP/NeilPryde) 6. Choco Frans (F2)

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