Oisin: I have now been here for three days and only seen some dodgy racing in gusty wind on one day. The speed sailors are fretting as they have only had one round, getting an average of 33knots of wind. However, lots of shiny, prototype kit on display. The NEW North Formula sails were being tested by Micah Buzianis and Jimmy Diaz on the very light day. With that much white material the 11m sure stands out!

Plenty of Brits here as well including Steve Thorpe using Dave White’s 50 litre record speed board and John Smalley on a 40 litre A+B board which looks sick and is, in fact, the only interesting thing I have seen so far as the speed guys have kept their kit under wraps in the tent. I saw a couple of Naish prototypes and the UK ’s Dan Ellis is racing on the NEW Naish slalom sails.

With three days to go, the slalom guys are halfway through their fourth round with Dunkerbeck still in the lead. The girls have had 6 rounds and Valerie Ghibando is still leading. The Speed competition is relying on the good forecast for the last day of the event on Saturday.

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