At the end of June the Watersweets Ocean Festival came to Vassiliki bringing with it skating, bmx-ing, sailing as well as freestyle and slalom windsurfing competitions. Club Vass sent in their best : Colin Whippy Dixon, Marco Wedele and Ollie Scott to dominate in the Czech Freestyle Championships.

The wind played ball, the parties raged, Colin judged a bikini contest (!) and then he went on to take the Czech freestyle title.

Colin is newly sponsored by JP and Neil Pryde and had this to say about the competition: “The sailing was strong but I dialled in to my new kit which gave me the advantage. I’m super stoked as this is my first freestyle title!"

Watch out for more Whippy action in the freestyle series at Wight Air and the Animal windfest at the end of the summer. He will also be on a UK clinic tour with Bubble so keep your ears open for more information on those!

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