The UK\'s own Chris Murrey has been busy these last few months.

Firstly he wants to announce his new sponsor. They will be helping compete in the UK events. Its great to see some outside industry support, so if you want any interior design work done make sure you check out their website.

Secondly he is now a TV star, filming for a BBC kids program called "help the teachers come home". Apparently it will be aired in September so watch out for Muzza on the box.

Thirdly he has a new blog loaded with his news and pictures. Check it out at

Lastly check out his pictures sailing with a dog. Not sure how happy the dog was, but he looks to be having fun!

Watch out for Muzza this year on the UK tour. Having spent the winter in South Africa and Maui, he is ripping and ready to fight for the top slots. We wish him good luck.

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