Day 2 in Fuerte started off with a lot more wind than day 1 and the race crew managed to pack 3 rounds into the day for both the mens and the womens fleet.

In the womens, Valerie continued to dominate and now counts only 1st places as she discards a 2nd place. Junko is showing that she is a true all rounder, stepping up to 2nd place on borrowed gear. Karin is slowly pulling herself back into the game after a terrible start. A first place in round 4 brought her onto the podium in 3rd place. Still everything to play for, with Sara-quita, Lee-el Korzits and Sarah Hebert all battling for a podium position.

In the mens Antoine continues to, although not quite as convicingly as in Pozo. A 2nd and 6th place means that he is beatable, but he is still along way ahead. Micah is the closest in 2nd, but nearly 9 points behind. Kevin remains as consistent as ever in 3rd.

Tomorrow is will all change dramatically with the introduction of a discard after 7 rounds. Stay tuned to see how it looks tomorrow.

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