Really good wind allowed the competition to start early in the day, and they could complete 2 races elimination and 2 full fleet long distance races, both in the men and women’s fleet.

In the men, Antoine didn’t dominated as much as previously, and it was Finian Maynard and Bjorn Dunkerbeck who won each of the two race eliminations. In the full fleet long distance races, Albeau took the lead and won the first one but couldn’t do the same in the second, where he finished 21st. This second one was won by Micah Buzianis. The truth is that in these two full fleet races, the start was a big lottery, as the boat in the start line wasn’t doing a very good job.

In the women, Valerie Ghibaudo is still domination. She won the two race eliminations and one of the full fleet ones. Karin Jaggi is trying to secure her second position and won the second long distance race.

Results so far:

Men: 1.- Antoine Albeau 2.- Micah Buzianis 3.- Bjorn Dunkerbeck 4.- Kevin Pritchard.

Women: 1.- Valerie Ghibaudo 2.- Karin Jaggi 3.- Junko Nagoshi 4.- Lee-el Korzits

Photo Credit: PWA/J.Carter