Day 4 in Fuerteventura saw 3 more races in standard Sotavento conditions. Lighter winds in the morning, building nicely throughout the day.

The big upset today was for poor Micah Buzianis. Currently lying in second place he broke his leg in a gybe and is now out of the running. How he will finish remains to be seen, but with the likely hood of another 3-4 racers, its certain he will drop from the podium.

Antoine remains in the lead, although not with quite such devasting form, finishing 2nd, 3rd and 1st respectively. Bjorn made a confident charge with a 1st, 12th and 2nd. With Micah out of the running he should move comfortably into 2nd. UK sailor Ross Williams is steadily moving up the rankings. Having started the event with 2 last places, he has not been able to make a single mistake since then. He is now in 5th, but likely to move up to 4th and maybe he could even take Kevin for final podium position. We wish him luck.

In the womens fleet Valerie Ghibaudo remains firmly on top of things and looks set to take the win. Karin has recovered after a poor start and looks comfortably in 2nd. The race for the final podium position however is really hot. Lee Korzitz in her rookie season takes the spot at the moment, but hot on her heels are Junko (on borrowed gear) and Sara-Quita. Its all to play for on the final day so stay tuned.

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