Sorry for the delay updating these news. The final day of the slalom didn’t bring many surprises in the slalom final top results.

With Micah Buzianis out of the game, it was a free road for Bjorn to jump on his second place. Albau stayed solid on top and won his third event of the season.

In the ladies, there was nothing really Karin could do in the last two races of the day to steal the victory from Valerie. But there was a very interesting battle for the third and fourth place between Junko Nagoshi and Lee Korzitz . In the end it was the Japanese who got the place in the podium.


Men: 1.- Antoine Albeau 2.- Bjorn Dunkerbeck 3.- Kevin Pritchard

Women: 1.- Valerie Ghibaudo 2.- Karin Jaggi 3.- Junko Nagoshi

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