Following on from the successful PWA slalom and freestyle, the speed sailors got there opportunity to compete too in Fuerteventura. So far, with just 2 days remaining of competition they have completely 6 rounds and no surprises to see who is on top.

I guess we now know one of the main reasons that Antoine has been winning all the slaloms. He is very fast!! Winning every round of speed except one, and holding the top speed of the week at 40.54. Patrik Diethelm is holding second position using only production boards, whilst Bjorn takes the 3rd slot.

In the womens Karin Jaggi and Valerie Ghibaudo are fighting as alwasy for the top position. Valerie started well with 2 bullets, but since then Karin has dominated every round. Taking 3rd is Marion Raisi.

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