The Weymouth Speed Week (4th-10th October) is definitely growing in popularity and importance. This year, Anders Bringdal will also be at the event, holding Clinics on Speed sailing and board design as well as launching his AB+ board brand to the UK.

Anders is a legend; he is one of the most successful professional sailors in windsurfing history. He started his career in the eighties and was one of Björn Dunkerbeck‚s biggest rivals for the overall title. Though Bringdal managed to get several world titles the overall titles have remained elusive to him.

To leave nothing to surprise, Bringdal engaged Designer Maurizio Ubaldi to head up the research and development team. Known for his extremely light and solid construction, Ubaldi promises to push the envelope even further by creating a newer a faster type board.

In the race to have the very best boards, Bringdal recently completed his AB+ factory in China, using the latest techniques, including computer-aided design for shaping. Bringdal has also been working on new designs for high-end speed foils as well as conventional designs for the boating world.

Photo Credit: PWA