Once again, over to Christof for an update on the JP young guns camp.

"The 5th day of the camp was not so windy as the days before. With an average of 20knots the kids hat the chance to go for some manoeuvres like Gecko where they don’t need too much wind. After 4 days of full power sailing they also seemed a little tired or saving their power for the competition we have today. Already the wind is back with about 30konts and we look forward to seeing some good action during the contest.

Approximately 250 people were at the product presentation yesterday evening! The restaurant was completely packed when Steve started to do the Interview with Kauli and Andy about the new product range by Neilpryde and JP. About 45 minutes they were explaining in detail the board and sail collection and gave a real good overview of the concept and the product development. After the interview they invited the people to come to them and ask all sorts of questions about the equipment, get signatures and have a chat with them."


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