Kona Class news…

Last month it took part the third Kona Gold Cup, where for the first time in the history of the class a photo finished was needed to know whom the winner was. Going into the last race Niko Matting (GER) was leading, but he was on equal points with Bjorn Holm (SWE).

In this last race Bjorn managed to win and like that, he got the victory, leaving Niko in second and with Patrice Belbeoch in third position in the podium.

In the women fleet, the last race was also pretty exciting. Kajsa Larsson (SWE) did the impossible to stay on top of the favourite and last year champion Manuela Buch (GER) to win the last race by half a board and like this secure her victory.

This time they also organized for the first time the Mahalo Tandem Cup, with 8 teams from 6 countries. Team Germany with Oliver-Tom Schliemann and Benedikt Klinhammer won the honour of being the first ever winners of the Mahalo Gold Cup.

Photo Credit: www.kona-windsurfing.com