The past 24th of August, the Maui boys got together for their Speed meeting 4. this time, the conditions were better than in any other event, with the obvious result of better speed from all the sailors.

Frencj man Jacqus Pauvert set the fastest run at 38,3, and finished first with an average of 37,9 knots. Alex Aguera finished in second really close to the French man, with and average speed of 35,5. Behind them in third was Eric Beale (who had a nasty crash onto his boom and ended up with a pretty deep cut in his chin) and Peter John in fourth.

Unfortunately, the ladies division was actually THE LADY division, as only one lady was in the competition. Erin Iberg, a relatively new to windsurf sailor set the crono on 21,7 knots, not bad for a “begginer".

In the Wave division, Carl Grundy set his best for the year twice posting 31.1 knots. He reckoned he might have reached the limit of the “Plastic Fantastic" his ancient roto-molded PVC Tiga. Pretty impressive really.

There are still two more meeting left for this 2008, on September 21st and October 19th. This mean that everyone will have 2 discards, and the title still open to may sailors.

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