It seems like Guy Cribb is finding it exciting the long distance challenges. After the success of the Bournemouth to Brighton long distance challenge, now he is preparing an even more exciting one, but this time for a good cause.

Him, together with speed record holder and Slalom World Champion Antoine Albeau are about to attempt to windsurf across the English Channel, from Cherbourg to Poole (more than 130 Km). This channel is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and the sea conditions are usually very, very rough. But as said before, it is all for a good cause. They are doing it to raise money for the Ellen MacArthur Trust and their French counterpart A Chacun Son Cap. The Ellen MacArthur Trust aims to support, empower and enliven children suffering from cancer, leukaemia or other serious illnesses by introducing them to the joys of sailing.

By donating to the Ellen MacArthur Trust through supporting Guy and Antoine to windsurf where no other windsurfers have tried before, you will give confidence and happiness back to children who’ve been stuck in hospitals for months or years, by enabling them to mix with other children who’ve recovered or are trying to recover from cancer, and feel the camaraderie and bravery of each other whilst sailing or possibly windsurfing.

Guy and Antoine will windsurf the channel in a storm this September- keep checking for updates in the next few weeks, and wish them luck by making a financial pledge to the Ellen MacArthur Trust children on behalf of windsurfing here-

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