Adam Lewis has been on the UK talent radar for a while and having moved to Tenerife, working for OTC, his skills have moved to the next level.

Obviously it has\'t gone unnoticed and Starboard have just signed him up to their legenerary "Dream Team". Adams just taken delivery of his brand new super-light WoodCarbon Evo 70 and 80 and is pretty ecstatic as the picture shows!

Adam says: “Working at the Official Test Centre gave me a chance to try shapes from all the leading brands, helping me find what suits me best. Having ridden the ’09 Starboard Evos, it’s clear they’re producing some of the best boards out there and I am stoked to be part of the team!"

After summer training in Tenerife Adam and his fellow Team AirBorn rider Graham Woods are looking dangerous on the water, watch out for them at both UK and international competitions in the near future.

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