Jakub Kosmowski has just finished his first experience as a clinic organizer. His clinic idea was special as they had with them a professional photographer who make a proper photo shoot while the guys were learning.

Seven people joined the clinic and even though the conditions were not as good as they might have desired, they pretty much were learning all day, from demos on the simulator at the beach, from video footage, etc…

“Show off 2008" was the name Jakub gave to his event and he is already planning and thinking about the second one in Brazil by middle of December. If you want to be updated on this, check Kosmowski’s website regularly at www.pol288.com.

Special thanks to Club Dahab and its staff, Funsurf Travel and Sponsors: Tabou, Gastar, FOB, DaKine, Aloe.net.pl, Al 360.

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