What\'s the most fun you can have windsurfing? We reckon the HIHO comes pretty high up list. For 25-years racers have been heading to the annual Highland Spring HIHO event in the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

The events unique format combines a week of inter-island racing with great parties and a yacht flotilla. It\'s as fun for non-windsurfers as it is for the competitors, so typically whole families arrive for the week of fun.

One of the events best features is the fleet of Bic Techno 2 boards available to rent, plus new Neil Pryde V8 and Hellcat sails. All you need to bring is your harness! The event combines between 7 and 9 racers including the thigh-burning Anegada race and several long downwinders through the Sir Francis Drake Channel.

Races always terminate on a beautiful beach where the organizers lay on a tasty lunch. The fleet moves on to a bay where the yachts drop anchor and the party heads ashore.

The 2009 25th anniversary will see several groups of racers who participated in the 1980\'s Johnnie Walker HIHO. Register before November 30th and save 10%. More info at www.go-hiho.com

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