The Girls are taking over the water. and Jo Scott with her team are back with their Club Vass Diva clinic.

This is one of the most popular and well-known clinics for girls: designed by girls for the girls. The clinic is thought for all levels and Jo Scot and her team has plenty of experience about how girls learn better: with good lessons, loads of support, encourage and fun!!!!

These Club Diva clinics are a great opportunity to get together with other girls windsurfers and to improve together. And the package is a great value: extra dedicated tuition time, unlimited use of all kit and some other things like morning fitness sessions and sail-aways (for the ladies to lunch!), included in your holiday price. Also, the normal Club Vass courses will be running at the same time, so partner wont have to be waiting at the beach taking pictures only!

The dates of the clinics are:

March 8th 2009: Club Dahab, Egypt June 7th 2009: Club Vassiliki, Greece September 6th 2009: Club Vassiliki, Greece October 11th: Club Dahab, Egypt

For full details of what’s involved in a Diva Week, check out

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