We’ve been wondering why we haven’t had any music reviewed recently – our regular reviewer Jan Sleigh seemed to have gone AWOL. Jan dropped us this press release launching K172.com which explains what he’s been up to.

“Twenty years ago one of my best mates and I promised we’d end up working in a surf shop together. He has been working in his for a good 10 years now. I followed a different path so I am behind the game! I spend a lot of time travelling trying to find the best waves in different or new locations, windsurfing, surfing, and stand up paddle boarding so this means I am on the road a lot. An online shop is the perfect solution because I don’t need to be tied to a physical location. At every beach I go to I get to meet lots of cool people who all share a passion for windsurfing and the idea of the website site is primarily about promoting Naish, REEF and Quiksilver – the brands that I ride and use, while also providing a mechanism for people to purchase if they want to. What I offer is very specific product knowledge on the equipment I ride along with enthusiasm for the clothes, shoes, watches eyewear and wetsuits that I use"

On a recent trip to Maui, Jan caught up with Naish Product Development and Team Manager Michi Schweiger to officially declare the shop open "At Naish we are always looking to find new ways to innovate and take our passion for windsurfing to a bigger audience and we think Jan is doing just that. It\'s great to have a team rider who is super committed to the equipment he rides and the brands he uses as he can offer superior product knowledge. We are stoked and wish him well with his new venture".

Check out www.k172.com The web site promotes and sells products Jan rides and uses - windsurfing equipment, surf boards and stand up paddle boards from Naish, guys apparel and shoes from REEF and Quiksilver Wetsuits, Eyewear, and Watches. The site also has a great range of ROXY and REEF gear for girls.

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