There have been 5 races over 3 days of competition, and most of them in pretty gusty and dubious conditions.

The first few days, we mainly raced in the evenings when the sea breeze kicked in, which meant hanging around at the beach from 9 am until around 6 pm waiting for the wind and then racing for an hour or two while the wind is around.

Wednesday brought a little bit of wind during the day which meant us ladies were sent out in a gusty 6-8knots. After 3hours on the water, and an abandoned race, we managed to complete a race in the fairly inconsistent winds.

Thursday brought strong northerlies, bolt off shore here, making judging the windspeed a little tricky.

Today is not looking too hopeful with a drop in the temperature and a lot of cloud, means the chances of a sea breeze is not as strong! The usual guys and girls are taking up the top spots as you can see, apart from Julien and Casper kickin ass the light winds!

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