The Luderitz Speed Challenge has been a great success in terms of breaking records (including the World record), but it has put windsurfers in a very difficult position.

The world speed record is now under Alexandre Caizergues’ (France) belt with 50,57 Knots (93,65 Kph), but the top kiters in the competition were really close to this speed.

The women’s record was also broken by Sjoukje Bredenkamp (South Africa) with a speed of 45,20 Knots (83,70 kph).

But what can the windsurfers do to catch up with these speeds? A couple of months ago, the WSSRC put a rule about water depth, but even with it, it was impossible for the windsurfers to run in the shallow waters of Luderitz speed strip.

These are all the records broken in Luderitz: (NB - all speeds are still subject to ratification by WSSRC)

Outright world speed sailing record Alexandre Caizergues (France) 50.57 Knots Outright world women\'s speed sailing record Sjoukje Bredenkamp (South Africa) 45.20 Knots

Outright USA speed sailing record Rob Douglas 50.54 Knots Outright South Africa (and Africa) speed sailing record Grant Ross 48.79 Knots Outright Netherlands speed sailing record Rolf van der Vlugt 46.95 Knots Outright Namibia speed sailing record Jurgen Geiger 44.90 Knots Outright UK speed sailing record David Williams 44.78 Knots Open water windsurf record Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Switzerland) 44.74 Knots Outright France women’s speed sailing record Charlotte Consorti 44.74 Knots Spain kitesurf record Marc Avela 42.76 Knots Outright Slovenia speed sailing record Jernej Privsek 43.42 Knots Outright New Caledonia (and Pacific) record Joan Henaff 41.01 Knots Outright Belgium speed sailing record Christian Baret 40.87 Knots Outright Netherlands women’s speed sailing record Katja Roose 39.58 Knots UK women’s kitesurf record Jemma Grobbelaar 38.18 Knots

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