If you live in Brazil, or you are around there on holiday, maybe you want to give it a try at this long distance race. The CRLW 2008 is designed to motivate amateur sailors to get into their first competition, as well as spreading the joy of windsurfing.

This events are similar to the Défi, but in a small regional scale, but the goal is to make it a big event with the largest number of participants as possible, and it is growing in every event.

So far they have already done three events: at Barao Wind Point with 34 sailors, at at CNA, with 52 and the third one at Maurikitewindpoint with 66 sailors. The last one, which will be on Nov. 15-16th, at Up Wind Point, they are expecting about 120 sailors, so for sure it will be a lot of fun!!!! For next year, they want to reach the 200 participants and keep growing.

Sponsors: www.windhunter.com.br www.upwind.com.br www.baraowindpoint.com.br www.clubenauticoararuama.com.br www.ramada.com.br www.oficinainterativa.com/site/ www.redhotenergydrink.com www.riowind.com.br

Photo Credit: Luis Gaspar