If you always dreamed about sailing with the world champions and having them teching you personally, you are in luck. Now, Pritchardwindsurfing.com in collaboration with Surferworld.it , Island Style Vacations and Hollywind, organizes a Wave Camp Bump & Jump with Kevin and Matt Pritchard in Maui from 18th of January to 01st of February 2009.

What best way and guarantee that what you are learning will for sure make your sailing better? Kevin and Matt will be there to teach you everything about wave sailing in the Wave sailing Mecca of Maui. From riding to jumping and also tricks and lessons on how to get out of difficult situations.

Only 20 people will be able to join the camp, so if you are interested, to waste more time and contact silvana@pritchardwindsurfing.com

Photo Credit: Darrel Wong