Well the contest is over and the hangovers have nearly gone from a very good Closing Party with plenty of celidah dancing and yet another song or two from Paolo Nutini.

All the Pros were dancing. Highlights included John Skye doing the \'do-si-do\', Ben Proffitt doing a mean Gay Gordons with Scott McDowell, and the entire pro fleet totally messing up Strip the Willlow.

Of course the forecast for the next few days is supposed to be \'ferry cancelling\' windy, not what event organiser Andy Groom wants to hear as his event crew are booked onto the Sunday morning ferry to Oban so Tiree can be left in peace for the winter!

Ben Proffitt, Team Airborn, Chris Murray & Jamie Hancock are staying on to catch the approching storm especially as top photographer Simon Crowther is still on the island. We await the photos but in the meantime here are some cracking Carter shots from the final two days of competiton at Balephuil.

Tiree Wave Classic 2008 Results


1. John Skye 2. Phil Horrocks 3. Ben Proffitt 4. James Cox 5. Jamies Hancock 6. Chris Murray Joint 7th Jack Hunt & Rich Potter Joint 9th Timo Mullen, Rich Jones, John Hibbard, Chris Audsley Joint 13th Adam Lewis, Andy Fawcett, Murray Saunders, Steve Jarvis Joint 17th Alan Jackson, Adam Sims, Mark Bell, Graham Woods, Steve Throp, Thomas Malin, Chris Cunningham

Ladies 1. Louise Emery 2. Sarah Bibby 3. Sarah Finney


1. David Edmington 2. Keith Shorrocks 3. Nigel Treacy Joint 5th Iain McKenzie & Simon Brook 6. Gerry Wilcock 7. Damian De Backer 8. Chris Wilcock


1. Sam Darkin (also 1st Youth) 2. Scott McDowell 3. Ian Gibson 4. Stefan Hilder 5. Michael Archer 6. David Bichan 7. Dan Gallo 8. Roger Marsh

PHOTOS from the top

John Skye

Phil Horrocks

Number one and number two

Ben Proffitt x 2

James Cox finishing fourth

Chris Audsley in the waves

Paolo Nutini and his fan club

Balephuil - till next year.

More photos on Boardseeker coming soon....

Photo Credit: John Carter