Scott McKercher has been with Starboard from the very beginning, and has always been involved in the R and D of the wave boards. Scott pushes the limit of every board on test, and gets really involved with the rest of the R and D team. He really made his mark in the R and D when he designed the Evo. The Starboard Evo is arguably one of the best wave boards in the world.

Margareta Engstrom, his travel and work partner for the last years, is always there to catch all the pictures and images. Actually, they have been working on a proposal for the Discovery Channel. The pair of them travelled around the world, capturing footage of windsurfing and the cultural changes they experienced along the way. The aim is to give an insight into windsurfing and how it can take you on many adventures around the world.

So here it is the last video Margareta has created, where you can see how hard Scotty works on the test of the protos.

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