The Toxic mixes up a \'surfboard based\' outline with the advantages of a twintip stance. You can ride the tail backwards in order to go through the line up, but you will ride on a full rounded TUE rail and lifted nose. A perfect balance for onshore conditions!

The toxic is a Hybrid Wave board. This means it has a tail and a nose like on a directional board, so an outline like a classic surfboard but it has a full twin tip stance, so you keep your feet in the same position like in a twin tip board but you can use the tail and the nose to wave-ride. This feature is achievable thanks to a different fins configuration and a different rockerline.

On the tail the board has a three fins and a very pronounced rocker-line, while on the nose it has two fins, plus a classic scoop in the front and a recess that allows to cut the water when you use the nose as a tail.

The reduced thickness of the toxic wave allows to have the board with a very low volume in the middle, that is between a twin tip board and a wave board. This thickness allows to have enough floatability on the board when wave-riding, but combined with the thinner rails allows to have enough control when you use the full rail of the board.

So: thinner rails and slightly thicker middle allows to have a board that is a perfect cross-over between a surfboard and a twintip board.

Features: Equipped with the new Screw-It! System pads and straps and available in three colours.

Technology: EPS Hi density with Full wood sandwich top and bottom.

TOXIC WAVE: 148 x 42 3 x Toxic wave fins 6,5 + 2 x Nose toxic 4 G-10

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Photo Credit: RRD