It seems to be that there is a lot of music talent within the PWA fleet. A couple of days ago we heard Matia Pedrani rapping on his freestyle video. And now, we have a slightly more professional one. Ruben Petresie is a regular in the PWA events, at first as one of the Bonaire freestyle crew and now as a racer.

But in his blood it runs the music, pretty much his whole family is into music. His father is a song writer and guitarist, his mother sang gospel core, his brothers play the drums and bass guitar, and his sisters are also singers. Ruben decided to start rapping a couple of years ago, and he describes his music as fusion of hip-hop and funk, and now, on his upcoming projects he is working together with Freestyle guru Kiri Thode.

You can check his tune on his myspace profile on:

Personally, we really liked it.

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