The 7th Wave/Ezzy Ventillo Wave Cup took place last weekend at La Badine, near Bergerie. Conditions were excellent with 35kts of wind and some small but fun sized waves to jump and ride.

Brawzinho made a guest star appearance and showed why he is so highly regarded in the world of wave sailing. Tweak Pushies, some of the nicest looking forward we have seen and even doubles of almost nothing.

Of the Frenchies it was Benoit Legier who took first place from his brother Stephane Legier in 2nd. Filling the final podium was Jean Marc Viande.

In the juniors it was Paco Mercader in 1st, Arthur Arutkin in 2nd and Justin Denel in 3rd. With both Aurther and Justin having older siblings already making there mark on the PWA, looks like they have a good future ahead of them.

If you want to see all the action check it out here.

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